8 Maintenance Tips to Complete this Fall 

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Cincinnati Roof Damage

Summer is over, and that means fall is on its way in the Northern Kentucky area. With the arrival of autumn means maintenance and winterizing of your home. Storm damage from summer storms needs to be evaluated and repaired before autumn arrives. Your Northern Kentucky gutters and Northern Kentucky roofing also need to be checked out to make sure they are in good working condition before the arrival of the long and cold season change.  

  1. Check for summer storm damage

It is essential to check your home for any Northern Kentucky storm damage after a spring, summer, or fall thunderstorm. If you have not, make sure to check the perimeter of your home, including the AC unit, the fence, the exterior, and even the patio furniture to make sure nothing needs repairs.  

  1. Clean out the gutters

Another essential item that needs to be completed before winter arrives is cleaning out the gutters. Northern Ky gutters can be clogged up with tree debris, and you want to make sure they are draining well before freezing temperatures arrive.  

  1. Inspect your roof

Northern Ky roofing can get damaged from storms, but they can also deteriorate due to wear and tear. Inspect your roof and make sure it does not need new shingles placed or have any type of water leaks that need to be repaired.  

  1. Landscaping

Another essential item to complete this fall is to perform landscaping on your shrubs, trees, and foliage. Trim back branches, rake leaves, and prune shrubs for the change of season in the Cincinnati area.  

  1. Windows/Doors

It is crucial to check the weather stripping on your home’s doors and replace it as needed. Also, check windows, especially if they are older windows as they tend to leak cold air. Caulk any gaps, holes, or cracks at the windowsill. It will help keep your gas or electric bill down as the cold will not be leaking into your house making it chilly this winter. 

  1. Siding

Siding needs to be inspected this fall for any loose or damaged pieces. Water damage can occur from a loose plank or a tiny hole. If you have any planks that are damaged, make sure to replace them immediately. In addition, power wash your house this fall to remove any grime, debris, mold, or mildew to stop its growth before winter hits.                                           

                                                     7. Hire a professional

Northern Ky RoofingJust as you would call for a professional to perform HVAC maintenance, chimney repairs, power washing, simple remodeling, cleaning of the gutters, or exterior painting, you want to do the same when performing roofing maintenance on your home if you are not comfortable with the task or run into any obstacles. Roof inspections can be difficult, and if you come across any issues with the roof itself, you should call in the professionals. A local and professional handyman can perform the roofing work if they are licensed and have insurance.  

  1. Miscellaneous

Lastly, make sure you have drained and stored hoses and attachments away in the garage as well as covered any exterior spigots. If you have a crawl space rather than a basement, verify the insulation on the water pipes are intact and if not, cover any exposed pipes that you see.  

As you know, multiple items need to have maintenance performed before the season changes. Northern Ky storm damage can cause issues to your Northern Ky gutters and Northern Ky roofing. Make sure your home is inspected and winterized soon. If you follow our advice on the top eight maintenance tips that need to be completed this fall, you will have a home that is in good working condition and can handle anything a Northern Ky winter can throw at it!