Northern Kentucky Gutters and Downspouts

Northern Kentucky Gutters and downspoutsNorthern Kentucky gutters and downspouts aren't the most glamourous investment you will make on your house, but they could be the one that saves you the most money in the long haul. They are essential in directing roof runoff water away from your home. Properly installed gutters will keep your basement and crawl spaces dry and protect your siding from backslash stain and rot while shielding your doors and windows from water seepage (which can damage your flooring), and preserves your topsoil near the property.

Things to consider when choosing Northern Kentucky gutters & downspouts

When a home or business property needs a new Northern Kentucky gutter system, you will need to select from a variety of materials. These include aluminum, vinyl, galvanized steel, copper, and even wood. Aluminum is the most common but every material has its advantages. Let our team at Best Northern Kentucky Roofers help you select the best materials for your home and your budget. Our quotes include all of the necessary components including downspouts, end caps, corner joints, and handing brackets.


Northern Kentucky GuttersGutter and downspout choices

There are more varied choices today than ever before. The major decisions are explained below.

  • Custom made: Aluminum gutters can be made to an exact size to fit your house. A gutter-making machine is located the truck, ready to mold aluminum sheet material into a finished gutter.
  • Materials: Over time, Northern Kentucky gutters have been made from many different materials, including wood, copper, steel and seamless aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters are most popular today because of affordability, color variety and durability. Historic homes may use steel, copper gutters or perhaps wood gutters to maintain their authentic historic appearance.
  • Color: Aluminum is your best choice if you want gutters in a color that matches your house. Aluminum gutter stock can be ordered with factory-applied finishes of different hues.
  • Style: Different gutter “profiles” are available. Aluminum gutters are often formed in a “K”profile that includes a curved front and flat back section. Older homes often have half-round gutters.
  • Size: K-style gutters come in both 5-inch and 6-inch sizes. Use the larger size when the roof area being drained is especially large and/or steep. An experienced gutter installer can determine which size is best for your home.
  • Gutter guards: Popular gutter add-on prevent from nasty overflow and clogging. This is a smart addition to any gutter installation.
  • Additional drainage options: Downspout extensions can be used to carry roof runoff away fromthe house. Many of these simply extend out over the yard or garden, while others are buried pipe that drain to a daylight outlet or dry well.