Northern Kentucky Residential Roofs

Northern Kentucky Roof

Your Northern Kentucky  roof is an investment

When you have made the decision to maintain your home for the long haul it is wise to start at the top. Your Northern Kentucky roof protects everything down below. The first decision is:

Do you repair or replace the roof?


Can your Northern Kentucky roof be repaired by simply patching leaks and damaged areas? Does it only need a partial reroofing to replace some damaged shingles? Is your commercial building roof just getting old If the current shingles are relatively new and the water damage can be restored, this may hold you over for years. Let our inspectors at Best Northern Kentucky roofing check out the damage and give you an informed decision on whether a patch job will suffice.

Northern Kentucky Roof

Replacing your roof

If you decide to replace your Northern Kentucky roofing, the next decision is:

Do you tear off the old roof or put new shingles on top of the old?

For the best job, it is always recommended to tear off the old roof because we can see the level of damage and determine what needs to be repaired before we add the new tiles. But if you only have one layer of tiles on the roof, it is definitely legal and acceptable to put the new shingles on top of the first layer of shingles. The International Residential Code (R907.3) states that you cannot put new shingles on top of two layers of old shingles. At Northern Kentucky roofing, we will tear off the old roof and remove all of the old roof remnants from the work site.

Complete free estimate

At Best Northern Kentucky roofing, our sales team will come out and measure your Northern Kentucky roof, help you select the type of roof, quality and color of shingles, and leave you with a complete written estimate of the project. The team will also help you with any insurance claims that you might have. We use only the highest quality of supplies in the installation of our roofs. Just click here to "contact us " and we will give you a call to set up an appointment.